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European CE Standard Paper Corrugated Machines

European CE Standard Corrugated cardboard production line with sound proof room

1. Export to European CE standard high-speed multi-functional Auto 5Ply corrugated cardboard production line, to meet European CE production standards.
2. 50 mins changing flutes single facer, multi-corrugating flutes combination.
3. German Siemens SP-1500 series profibus control system.
4. Intelligent constant tension control system to meet various types of paper applications around the world.
5. Intelligent temperature control system meets the requirements of stable operation of all kinds of 3,5.7ply corrugated cardboard, and ensures the edge-crush strength and ring-crush strength meet the export standards.
6. Bus + industrial ethernet connection, realizing the accurate synchronization of production line from wet end and dry end to data docking.