Talent strategy

Xijiang Machinery has always adhered to the employment strategy of "gathering talents from all over the world to become a great global undertaking", actively constructed talent plateau, explored and summarized a set of effective talent management mechanism. Generally speaking, guided by the three types of human resources of "strategic type", "support type" and "partner type", Xijiang Machinery adheres to the general principle of "talent selection and strong generals", and promotes the transformation of recruitment to recruitment. Training is changing to training, organization is changing to organization, interest-driven, passionate mobilization and spiritual inspiration are strengthened, and a number of "generals" and "craftsmen" teams are trained, contributing to the development of packaging technology and providing talent protection.

Salary and welfare

Working hours& Vacation

Five days a week. Enjoy legal holidays, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, nursing leave and other paid holidays.

Salary and welfare

There are education allowance, Title allowance, length of service allowance, transportation allowance and full-time award. Five risks and one gold. The company has a dining hall, lunch and dinner are provided on weekdays, and staff in different places can be accommodated. Special benefits are granted during major festivals, and regular tours or health checkups are organized.